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Chatton, Walter (c.1290–1343)

Chatton was an English philosopher and theologian who developed a detailed critique of the work of William of Ockham, causing the latter to revise some of his earlier ...

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Clarembald of Arras (1110/20–c.1187)

A teacher of philosophy at Laon and commentator on Boethius, Clarembald was a product of the School of Chartres. His principal philosophical work, the Tractatulus (Short Treatise on ...

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Gregory of Rimini (c.1300–58)

Gregory of Rimini was for a long time known primarily for his doctrine of predestination and for his notion of ‘the complexly signifiable’ in the semantics of propositions. ...

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Richard of Middleton (c.1249–1302)

Richard was a Franciscan philosopher and theologian. In general he followed the tradition flowing from Bonaventure, although on some questions he sided with Thomas Aquinas. However, there is ...

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Matthew of Aquasparta (c.1238–1302)

Matthew walked in the footsteps of Bonaventure, which were widened by his first followers, Walter of Bruges, John Pecham and William of Mare. For them, the knowledge of ...

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