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Nemesius (fl. c.390–400 AD)

Nemesius’ treatise De natura hominis (On the Nature of Man) is the first work by a Christian thinker dedicated to articulating a comprehensive philosophical anthropology. Like many of ...

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Suso, Henry (c.1295–1366)

Suso was a Dominican friar and mystic and, with his friend John Tauler, a student of Master Eckhart. The three form the nucleus of the Rhineland school of ...

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Tauler, John (c.1300–1361)

Tauler was a Dominican preacher and mystic, the author of seventy-nine vernacular sermons which presented the Neoplatonic speculative mysticism of his teacher Eckhart in more personal and concrete ...

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Themistius (c. AD 317–c. AD 388)

As a pagan philosopher and adviser to Christian Roman emperors, Themistius aimed at making the celebrated writings of his heroes Plato and Aristotle more accessible through explanatory paraphrase. ...

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Ulrich of Strasbourg (c.1220/5–1277)

A Dominican theologian and philosopher and a student of Albert The Great, Ulrich was well known for a widely studied summa theologiae, De summo bono (On the ...

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