Alison, Archibald (1757–1839)

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List of works

  • Alison, A. (1790) Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, London.

    (Alison’s principal work went through a number of editions in the nineteenth century, but there is no modern reprint.)

References and further reading

  • Dickie, G. (1974) Art and the Aesthetic: An Institutional Analysis, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

    (In the first part of his theory, Dickie traces the rise of the concept of aesthetic experience and rejects Stolnitz’s interpretation of Alison.)

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    (Kant’s Critique of Judgement is his primary critical treatment of aesthetic issues. It is the third and final of Kant’s Critiques, in which he integrates the realms of theory and value, both aesthetic and moral.)

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    (Traces the concept of internal sense through eighteenth-century aesthetics.)

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    (Brief biographical sketch and commentary.)

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    (Stolnitz identifies Alison as the first aesthetic attitude theorist.)

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    (Places Alison’s theory in the context of shifting empiricist problems.)

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