Cousin, Victor (1792–1867)

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List of works

  • Cousin, V. (1828) Cours de l’histoire de la philosophie moderne, Paris: Pichon & Didier, 3 vols; trans. O.W. Wright as Course of the History of Modern Philosophy, New York: D. Appleton, 1852, 2 vols.

    (Published version of Cousin’s lectures, and a nineteenth-century translation of a variant of the text.)

  • Cousin, V. (1833) De l’instruction publique dans quelques pays de l’Allemagne et particulièrement en Prusse, Paris: Pitois-Levrault, 3rd edn, 1840; trans S. Austin as Report on the State of Public Instruction in Prussia, London: E. Wilson, 1834.

    (Cousin’s influential account of German schooling, and an English translation of the first edition.)

  • Cousin, V. (1838) Fragmens philosophiques (Philosophical Fragments), Paris: Ladrange, 3rd edn, 2 vols.

    (A collection of Cousin’s early writings.)

  • Cousin, V. (1848) Justice et charité, Paris: Pagnerre; trans. W. Hazlitt as Justice and Charity, London: Samson Low, 1858.

    (A short pamphlet outlining the different demands of justice and charity, and a nineteenth-century translation.)

  • Cousin, V. (1851) Discours politiques avec une introduction sur les principes de la Révolution française et du gouvernment representatif (Political speeches with an introduction to the principles of the French Revolution and of representative government), Paris: Didier.

    (Cousin’s interpretation of recent French history and his defence of constitutional monarchy.)

  • Cousin, V. (1853) Du vrai, du beau, du bien, Paris: Didier; trans. O.W. Wright as The True, the Beautiful and the Good, Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1854.

    (Shortened version of Cousin’s lectures and a nineteenth-century translation of the third edition.)

  • Cousin, V. (1866) Fragments philosophiques pour servir à l’histoire de la philosophy (Philosophical fragments to serve as a history of philosophy), Paris: Slatkine, 1970.

    (Reprint of a five-volume edition of Cousin’s lectures.)

References and further reading

  • Boas, G. (1925) French Philosophies of the Romantic Period, Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    (Includes a chapter on Eclecticism.)

  • Kelly, G.A. (1992) The Humane Comedy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (A thoughtful study of French liberalism which includes material on Cousin.)

  • Ody, H.J. (1953) Victor Cousin. Ein Legensbild im deutsch-französischen Kulturraum (Victor Cousin. A study in Franco-German culture), Saarbrucken: West-Ost-Verlag.

    (A modern German study of Cousin.)

  • Simon J. (1887) Victor Cousin, trans. G. Masson, London: George Routledge & Sons, 1888.

    (A general work by a student and contemporary of Cousin.)

  • Spitzer, A.B. (1987) The French Generation of 1820, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

    (An interesting historical account of Cousin’s age cohort.)

  • Will, F. (1965) Flumen Historicum: Victor Cousin’s Aesthetic and its Sources, Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.

    (A study of the Platonic, neoclassical and German Idealist sources of Cousin’s aesthetic.)

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