Hartley, David (1705–1757)

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List of works

  • Hartley, D. (1730) Conjecturae quaedam de sensu, motu, et idearum generatione, London; 2nd edn, Bath, 1746; repr. in S. Parr (ed.) Metaphysical Tracts, London, 1837.

    (The first statement of Hartley’s interests in the physiological basis of perception and ideation.)

  • Hartley, D. (1749) Observations on Man, His Frame, His Duty, and His Expectations, London: Leake & Frederick, 2 vols.

    (Hartley’s opus magnum, subsequently edited in ‘bowdlerized’ form by Joseph Priestley, sets out a materialist theory of the activity of mind, understood in terms of Newtonian corpuscular theory and a Providential reading of Christianity.)

References and further reading

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    (By far the best survey of the radical intellectual tradition of which Hartley formed a part.)

  • Oberg, B.B. (1976) ‘David Hartley and the Association of Ideas’, Journal of the History of Ideas 37: 441–454.

    (The best brief account of Hartley’s psychology.)

  • Smith, C.U.M. (1987) ‘David Hartley’s Newtonian Neuropsychology’, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 23: 123–136.

    (This offers a lucid exegesis of the largely Newtonian physical theories underpinning Hartley’s science.)

  • Webb, M.E. (1988) ‘A New History of Hartley’s Observations on Man’, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 24: 202–211.

    (Insists upon the importance of the iatrophysical medical theories of the early eighteenth century as a major context for Hartley’s doctrines.)

  • Webb, M.E. (1989) ‘The Early Medical Studies and Practice of Dr David Hartley’, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 63: 618–636.

    (Informative on Hartley’s medical career.)

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    (An exposition of Hartley’s views which stresses the debts of later theorists to him.)

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    (A fine account of the post-Lockean tradition of associationism which stresses the major part played by Hartley.)

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