Locke, John (1632–1704)

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List of works

  • Locke, J. (1823) The Works of John Locke, 10 vols, London: Tegg.

    (The most comprehensive edition of Locke’s works in print today. It is gradually being superseded by the Clarendon edition of The Works of John Locke.)

  • Locke, J. (1975–) The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke, 38 vols, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Published volumes in this Works edition are now the standard critical editions of Locke’s writings. Individual volumes pertaining to Locke’s philosophy are listed below.)

  • Locke, J. ([1660–2] 1967) Two Tracts on Government, ed. and trans. P. Abrams, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (Critical edition of Locke’s early tracts on toleration and church governance. The first tract is in English and attacks a work by Edward Bagshaw. The second is in Latin with an English translation.)

  • Locke, J. ([1663–4] 1954) Essays on the Law of Nature Associated Writings, trans. W. von Leyden, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (A parallel Latin–English edition of eight of Locke’s disputations on the law of nature.)

  • Locke, J. ([1667] 2006) An Essay concerning Toleration: And other Writings on Law and Politics, eds J. R. Milton and P. Milton, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of Locke’s early philosophical treatment of the problem of religious toleration that presages his later A Letter Concerning Toleration.)

  • Locke, J. ([1671] 1990) Drafts for the 'Essay concerning Human Understanding' and Other Philosophical Writings, Volume 1, Drafts A and B, eds P. H. Nidditch and G. A. J. Rogers, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of the earliest two drafts of Locke’s Essay.)

  • Locke, J. ([1678] 2000) John Locke as Translator: Three of the Essais of Pierre Nicole in French and English, ed. J. S. Yolton, Oxford: Voltaire Foundation.

    (A parallel French–English edition of three of Pierre Nicole’s moral essays containing Locke’s English translation.)

  • Locke, J. (1688a) Abrégé d’un ouvrage intitulé Essai philosophique touchant l’entendement’, Bibliothèque universelle et historique, Amsterdam.

    (This French epitome of the Essay was Locke’s first philosophical publication. It also appeared in the Bibliothèque universelle et historique, tome 8, 1688: 49–142.)

  • Locke, J. (1688b) 'Review of Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica, by I. Newton, Bibliothèque universelle et historique, tome 8: 436–50.

    (Locke’s review of Newton’s Principia.)

  • Locke, J. (1689) Epistola de Tolerantia, Gouda.

    (Locke’s famous, anonymous Latin letter on toleration written for a European readership during his exile in the Netherlands.)

  • Locke, J. ([1689] 1983) A Letter concerning Toleration, ed. J. Tully, Indianapolis: Hackett.

    (A modern edition of William Popple’s 1689 English translation of Locke’s Epistola de tolerantia.)

  • Locke, J. ([1690] 1975) An Essay concerning Human Understanding, ed. P. H. Nidditch, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of the 1700, 4th edition of Locke’s most important philosophical writing. The 1st edition went on sale in late 1689 and it went through four lifetime editions and a fifth, corrected, posthumous edition.)

  • Locke, J. ([1690] 1988) Two Treatises of Government, 2nd edn, ed. P. Laslett, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (Student edition of Peter Laslett’s critical edition of Locke’s enormously influential book on political philosophy. First published in 1690, the text of this edition is the 1698 reprint of the 2nd edition.)

  • Locke, J. ([1693] 1989) Some Thoughts Concerning Education, eds J. W. Yolton and J. S. Yolton, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of the 1695, 3rd edition of Locke’s philosophy of education. First published in 1693.)

  • Locke, J. ([1695] 1999) The Reasonableness of Christianity, ed. J. Higgins-Biddle, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of the 1st edition of Locke’s anonymous defence of Christianity, containing authorial corrections and additional manuscript material. First published in 1695.)

  • Locke, J. ([1696-7] 2012) A Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity, ed. V. Nuovo, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of Locke’s two vindications of his Reasonableness of Christianity from the attacks of the Calvinist divine John Edwards.)

  • Locke, J. (1976-89) The Correspondence of John Locke, 8 vols, ed. E. S. de Beer, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of the first eight of the projected ten volumes of Locke’s correspondence.)

  • Locke, J. (1991) Locke on Money, 2 vols, ed. P. H. Kelly, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (Critical edition of all of Locke’s important writings on money with an excellent, extensive introduction.)

  • Locke, J. (1997) Locke: Political Essays, ed. M. Goldie, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (A judicious selection of many of Locke’s political essays, most of which were not published during his lifetime.)

References and further reading

  • Locke Resources:

    (Website containing the definitive Locke bibliography with bibliographical guide and list of manuscript sources.)

  • Locke Studies.

    (A journal dedicated to all things Locke. The descendent of The Locke Newsletter.)

  • The Digital Locke Project:;sid=92c5a7609fd2477d1c74c1fc1c4677f3;tpl=home.tpl.

    (Website containing digital editions of important Locke manuscripts.)

  • Anstey, P. (ed.) (2006) John Locke: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Series II, 4 vols, London: Routledge.

    (A collection of seventy of the leading articles on Locke from 1991 to 2004.)

  • Anstey, P. (2001) John Locke and Natural Philosophy, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    (A detailed study of Locke’s writings on the method and content of natural philosophy.)

  • Ayers, M. (1991) Locke: Epistemology and Ontology, 2 vols, London: Routledge.

    (A thorough commentary on the Essay evaluating Locke’s arguments in context and their relevance for contemporary philosophy.)

  • Diderot, D. (1765) 'Locke, Philosophie de’', in Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, tome 9: 625–7.

    (Diderot’s summary of Locke’s biography and philosophy in the Encyclopédie.)

  • Leibniz, G.W. ([1765] 1996) New Essays on Human Understanding, eds J. Bennett and P. Remnant, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. First published in 1765.

    (English translation of Leibniz’s posthumously published commentary on Locke’s Essay.)

  • LoLordo, A. (2012) Locke’s Moral Man, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    (A short, focused discussion of Locke’s concepts of moral agency and persons.)

  • Lough, J. (1953) Locke’s Travels in France, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (A transcription of the journal Locke kept while living in France.)

  • Newman, L. (ed.) (2007) The Cambridge Companion to Locke’s ‘Essay concerning Human Understanding’, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (Contains 15 essays on the Essay by leading Locke scholars.)

  • Pyle, A. (2013) Locke, Cambridge: Polity.

    (An excellent overview of Locke’s philosophy.)

  • Reid, T. (2002) Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, ed. D. Brookes, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. First published in 1785.

    (A work that critically engages with Locke’s Essay, including Locke on personal identity.)

  • Rickless, S.C. (2014) Locke, Malden, MA: Wiley Blackwell.

    (An excellent overview of Locke’s philosophy.)

  • Savonius-Wroth, S.-J., Schuurman, P. and Walmsley, J. (eds) (2010) The Continuum Companion to Locke, London: Continuum.

    (A useful thematic, textual and historical guide to Locke, his context and his influence.)

  • Shimokawa, K. (2006) 'Locke’s Concept of Property’', in P. Anstey (ed.), John Locke: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Series II, London: Routledge, Vol. 1: 177–216.

    (English translation of one of the best analyses of Locke’s concept of property in the Two Treatises.)

  • Simmons, J.A. (1992) The Lockean Theory of Rights, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

    (The first instalment of a seminal study of Locke’s political philosophy.)

  • Simmons, E. (2003) On the Edge of Anarchy, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

    (The second instalment of a seminal study of Locke’s political philosophy.)

  • Stuart, M. (2013) Locke’s Metaphysics, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    (The best and most comprehensive treatment of Locke’s metaphysical doctrines.)

  • Stuart, M. (ed.) (2016) A Companion to Locke, Oxford: Blackwell.

    (Contains 28 essays by leading scholars and covers the whole range of Locke’s philosophy.)

  • Voltaire ([1733] 1994) Letters Concerning the English Nation, ed. N. Cronk, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    (Letter 13, entitled ‘On Mr. Locke’ is Votaire’s enthusiastic appraisal of Locke and his philosophy.)

  • Waldron, J. (2002) God, Locke and Equality, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (A study of inclusion and exclusion in Locke’s political thought in the light of its Christian foundations.)

  • Woolhouse R.S. (2007) Locke: A Biography, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    (The standard biography of Locke.)

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