Czech Republic, philosophy in

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References and further reading

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    (The synthesis of Comenius’s life work not published in its entirety until 1966. Mentioned in §1 above.)

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    (Summary of separate trends of Czech thinking written by a team of authors.)

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    (Chapter about leading thinkers of the twenties and thirties with bibliographies: texts are in French, German, English and Italian.)

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    (Rabbi Löw’s chief philosophical and theological document, mentioned in §1 above.)

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    (Digest of history of philosophy in Bohemia and Slovakia with a separate chapter about German philosophy in Bohemia.)

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    (Detailed analysis of Czech and Slovak Marxism with consideration of other trends.)

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    (Broad history. The author’s judgment is at times somewhat subjective.)

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    (Treatise on the functions of the nervous system, mentioned in §2 above.)

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    (Digest of Czech and Slovak thinking between 1930 and 1969.)

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