Law, philosophy of

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References and further reading

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    (Straightforward and well-written introduction to issues and schools of thought in philosophy of law.)

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    (Three-volume critique of the pretensions of constructivist rationalism, whether of utilitarian positivists or of rationalistic naturalists, in favour of a ‘critical rationalism’ reflecting on the accumulated societal wisdom implicit in an evolved and essentially customary law, and developing an account of the rule of law on this basis.)

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    (Readable and sympathetic account of, and contribution to, the ‘critical’ approach that regards all legal activity as intrinsically political – and ideological.)

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    (An interesting collection of essays putting a moderate feminist case against the biases inherent in received legal categories.)

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    (Another useful introduction, supported by many selected texts for reading.)

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    (A more challenging text that deals with the tensions in legal thought between positivist – or voluntarist – and anti-positivist approaches, concluding that the dialectic between them contains a truth available from neither on its own; advanced reading.)

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