Social sciences, philosophy of

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References and further reading

  • Martin, M. and McIntyre, L. (1994) Readings in the Philosophy of Social Science, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

    (A useful collection of recent and contemporary articles, grouped around some of the main issues in the philosophy of social science.)

  • Root, M. (1993) Philosophy of Social Science, Oxford: Blackwell.

    (Argues that some of the most prominent research programmes in the social sciences flout the ideal of moral and political philosophy.)

  • Ruben, D.-H. (1998) ‘The Philosophy of Social Sciences’, in A. Grayling (ed.), Philosophy 2: Further Through the Subject, Oxford: Oxford University Press, vol. 2.

    (A discussion of the main problems in the philosophy of social science, intended for the philosophy student. Assumes some prior knowledge of philosophy.)

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