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Lushi chunqiu

DOI: 10.4324/9780415249126-G057-1
Version: v1,  Published online: 1998
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Article Summary

The Lushi chunqiu (Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Lu Buwei), composed 241–238 bc, marks a firm beginning for the eclectic movement in Qin and Han philosophy. It embraces various pre-Qin philosophies such as Lao–Zhuang and Huang–Lao Daoism, Confucianism, Mozi, Legalism, the logicians, the military arts, Agriculturalists, Yang Zhu, Zou Yen and Story Tellers. As a compendium of classical knowledge, the Lushi chunqiu contains cultural and philosophical material on the art of rulership.

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Sellmann, James D.. Lushi chunqiu, 1998, doi:10.4324/9780415249126-G057-1. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Taylor and Francis,
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