Science, philosophy of

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Further reading

  • Kitcher, P. (1993) The Advancement of Science: Science without Legend, Objectivity without Illusions, New York, and Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    (Thorough and illuminating account of the general issues surrounding theory-change in science; also useful as an introduction to the methodological issues raised by Darwinian theory.)

  • Maudlin, T. (1994) Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity, Oxford, and Cambridge, MA: Blackwell.

    (Given its subject matter, an exceptionally clear, accessible account of some of the foundational issues in quantum theory, especially concerning its reconcilability with relativity theory.)

  • Papineau, D. (1996) The Philosophy of Science, Oxford Readings in Philosophy, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    (Recent collection of articles, especially on the realism/antirealism issue, but also on issues of empirical support.)

  • Salmon, M.H. et al. (1992) Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    (A text written by members of the internationally celebrated History and Philosophy of Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh and covering general philosophy of science, as well as philosophy of physics, of biology, and of the behavioural and social sciences.)

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